Kings Parks Natural CO2 Cleaners



M-F: 7am - 7pm
Sat: 8am - 6pm



(703) 425-4379



8959 Burke Lake Rd.
Springfield, VA 22151


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CO2 dry cleaning prolongs your garment life.

CO2 dry cleaning does not require the high temperatures during the drying cycle that perc or petroleum do. Therefore, only a fraction of lint is created as compared to traditional methods. Lint is made of eroded fibers from your clothing, so less lint means longer garment life.


CO2 dry cleaning will not cause fading, shrinking, or stain-setting.

Fading, shrinking, and stain-setting are all caused by heat, which CO2 dry cleaning does not need during the drying process. Therefore, heat-related damage does not occur. With CO2dry cleaning, liquid CO2 is used in a high-pressure cleaning machine, and when the cleaning cycle is completed, the pressure is released and the CO2 evaporates easily without any heat.


CO2 dry cleaning is 100% odor-free and environmentally safe.

CO2 dry cleaning uses liquid CO2, the same stuff used to make fountain soft drinks fizzy. It is odor-free, and therefore, you will not need to air your clothes out before wearing them. In contrast, perc, the cheminal used in traditional dry cleaning, is a harmful carcinogenic pollutant.